Val-de-Marne: Vincennes sets up a “Dys fund” for its media library

Posted on Oct. 9, 2021, 10:32 a.m.

From October 9, 2021, new private books will be available for consultation in the Coeur de ville media library in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne). The municipality has developed, with the support of National Book Center , a “Dys fund” made up of works aimed at children and young people with specific cognitive disorders, such as dyslexia, dysphasia or even dysorthography. For those affected, this leads to learning difficulties, not only in schools but also in adulthood.

More than 170 books adapted to young dyslexics or dealing with these neurodevelopmental disorders have thus joined the library’s collection. It will be supplemented by the imminent arrival of e-readers with a font adapted to people with dyslexia and a possibility of speech synthesis. Digital resources in partnership with the Eureka and Eole platforms will also be accessible.

Fund developed with speech therapists

In a press release from the City, Annick Voisin, deputy in charge of culture and the municipal councilor in charge of disability, Pierre Chardon, indicate: “The creation of this DYS fund is the concrete outcome of a project that is both societal and cultural. . It is fully in line with our actions to promote the inclusion of audiences and responds to an increasingly important subject of concern in schools. The press release specifies that the fund was developed with speech therapists of the city and that DYS-referenced librarians can assist and guide visitors in their research.

This “DYS fund” is launched on the occasion of the 15th National Dys Day, organized by the French Dys Federation on Saturday 9 October. This year it focuses on the specific needs of the Dys. Workshops and conferences are organized on this occasion at the Paris Ynov Campus, in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). The City of Vincennes will also take part in the day with awareness-raising activities and shows for children.

On its website, the French Federation of Dys indicates that 7 million French people are affected by a specific cognitive disorder. Even if she specifies that no “reliable study has given a figure for DYS disorders in France”. These disorders have been recognized as a handicap since the law of February 11, 2005.


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