Vaccination: a warning sent to all health professionals who have consulted Macron’s file

Their curiosity did not go unnoticed. As revealed The JDDOn Sunday, September 5, around thirty health personnel received a personal warning letter from health insurance. The reason ? All would have consulted the vaccination card of the President of the Republic. “It appears that you have consulted Mr. Macron’s file without his consent and outside the framework recalled above”, is it indicated in the letter, date and time of the connection in support.

In the letter, these doctors, pharmacists and nurses are therefore reminded that access to health data is reserved for professionals “ensuring effective patient care for the vaccination”. Before alerting them that “any illegitimate search and access” can “imply sanctions” and therefore that “all actions carried out in the teleservice are traced”.

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As Le JDD reminded us last January, Mediapart had revealed “a flaw” in the teleservice devoted to the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. Any professional with his so-called “CPS” professional card and a personal code was then able to consult the data of any patient, based on his family name and date of birth. But the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) had denied any “flaw” of security and recalled that it was “current rules relating to the professional practice of doctors […] subject to medical secrecy and whose professional supervision is very strict “.

As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for Covid-19 in December 2020, received a single dose of vaccine on May 31. A vaccination that would have been recorded in error on July 13 by health insurance.

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