Usera, record district in execution of sports facilities

Usera, record district in execution of sports facilities

Of the 21 districts of the capital, there is one that can boast of being the one that has executed the most budget from its Board: Usera. A distinction that, according to reports from the Madrid City Council, is due in large part to the investment in sports facilities. Thus, in the last four years, they have allocated 16.7 million euros in this areaof which 14 have been carried out by the Board. The result? More than 40 actions that have had as main beneficiaries to the sports centers and facilities in the area. In fact, from Cibeles they remember that, throughout the present legislature, the Municipal Board of Usera has developed in parallel its Improvement Plan for sports facilities.

Among the most important works, the investment in the Orcasur Municipal Sports Center (CDM) stands out: more than 2.5 million euros, of which 972,000 were allocated to the construction works of the soccer field, 600,000 to six new paddle tennis courts and 100,000 to the covering of the sports court.

It has also benefited CDM Orcasitas: one million euros, distributed in the renovation of its changing rooms and sports courts, as well as in the reforms of its enclosures in the tennis courts, the soccer field and the construction of a new paddle tennis court.

A similar investment was carried out in the CDM San Fermín. In his case, conditioning works were carried out at the entrance and a new treatment plant and remodeled changing rooms were made available. For his part, the 428,000 euros allocated to CDM Moscardó They have resulted in a new paddle tennis court and a renovated living area and children’s pool.

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Apart from the works of the Municipal Board, we must add those carried out by the Area of ​​Works and Equipment of the City Council. In his case, they were reversed 2.6 million in the summer pool of CDM Orcasitas, in addition to the renovation of the artificial turf of one of its soccer fields, on this occasion led by the delegated Sports Area.

All this in regards to the CDM. Regarding the basic sports facilities (IDB), all the neighborhoods have experienced substantial improvements. The new Galiana park IDB or the future Gainza IDB stand out, both adding a budget of 1.5 million.

The conditioning of the IDB Parque Lineal del Manzanares (800,000 euros) and the IDB Rancho del Cordobés (794,000), added to the investment of 2.5 million in La Perla, Maris StellaZofío or La Chimenea, are other investments that have fine-tuned Usera in sports.


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