User Iulian Bulai DRAWS LINE: USRPLUS will not support a PNL minority government. Klaus Iohannis in irremediable DISCREDITATION. – News by sources

President Klaus Iohannis discredited irretrievably because he did not exercise his mandate as mediator in the current political crisis, says USR PLUS vice president Iulian Bulai.

His reply comes to RFI after the head of state stated that USR PLUS was irretrievably discredited in front of the Romanians, through the motion of censure filed with AUR.

The deputy states, on the other hand, that his party would not support a PNL minority government.

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Iulian Bulai says that Prime Minister Florin Cîțu must resign: “Prime Minister Florin Cîțu no longer has a majority support within the governing coalition. Florin Cîțu has to leave. This is the first step. The second step, if Florin Cîțu does not want to leave, is what we did, namely that we submitted a motion of censure, as well as the resignations of the USR PLUS ministers from the Cîțu Government and we are still waiting for a firm response and action from the prime minister (. ..). The blockade can be overcome if the Florin Cîțu-Marcel Ciolacu cross fraternity is given up at the moment and if a USL is not restored “.

The vice-president of USR PLUS states that his party would not support a PNL minority government: “We would not support a PNL minority government. We are part of a parliamentary majority formed to make reforms and build highways and implement our governing program. At the moment, there is no such discussion on the table and there is no way to support a PNL minority government. “

Asked if the decision of USR PLUS to submit a motion of censure together with the extremist party AUR is a gesture that will cost USR PLUS electorally, Iulian Bulai answered: “No, which will be awarded by our voters, because I understood that no we can still be those good, orderly boys, who sit in a corner, if PNL does not keep its commitments and promises “.

Asked how USR PLUS will explain to its voters that it legitimized an extremist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and legionary party, the party’s vice-president replied: “Each party legitimizes itself by its presence in Parliament. If he was voted by the Romanians, as he is, good or bad, as is the GOLD of the extreme right, he remains so. And we remain a liberal party, oriented towards European values, open, reformist, with competent people and which wants a radical reform, in all aspects. That just shows that when we have a common interest, we can work together, beyond what divides us. “

Klaus Iohannis declared that USR PLUS discredited itself irremediably in front of the Romanians, through the motion of censure filed with AUR. Iulian Bulai replies to the president: “USR PLUS considers that the president of Romania has irredeemably discredited himself in front of this game of political participation, excluding a categorical mandate that the country’s president has, that of mediator between institutional and political forces. That is why I cannot comment on what has been said. “



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