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Usbek & Rica – The NFTs, the new Eldorado of video games

by drbyos

By making ownership possible in a virtual environment, NFTs could help reveal hitherto under-exploited potential. Each video game features characters, vehicles or worlds that are not based, for the time being, on any real value since they cannot be resold or used outside this framework. Once registered on the blockchain, these assets can be authenticated and exchanged; they will therefore have their own value. NFTs thus pave the way for the creation of true secondary markets, within which the virtual elements that make up a game could be traded continuously. What had previously served as a distraction would thus become a real source of income..

The phenomenon Axie Infinity illustrates this new trend of play-to earn. Developed in Vietnam, this game allows you to breed small creatures that can be traded in the form of NFTs. With over $ 1 billion already traded through gambling and thousands of people now make it their primary source of income, this success is far from an isolated case. In France, the start-up Sorare, which allows the exchange of Panini cards with the effigy of footballers in the form of NFT, has just completed a fundraising of 580 million euros, the most important in the history of French Tech.

While this paradigm shift makes the world of gaming more attractive than ever to gamers and investors, it is also a tremendous opportunity for studios. On the one hand, through the sale of assets specific to their games. It could be players on Fifa, weapons on Call of Duty or vehicles on Mario Kart, which each player would own while being able to resell them to other individuals. From this point of view, the possibilities seem endless for publishers like Activision Blizzard or Ubisoft, already with powerful brands and established communities.

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