USA. Nord Stream 2. Joe Biden is ready to impose sanctions on Russia

Nord Stream 2. Is it possible to change the course by Biden?

This information, about the possible reaction of Biden, was provided by Yuri Vitrenko, the newly minted general director of the state-owned energy company Naftogaz, who was one of the people traveling with Volodymyr Zelensky in the USA.

According to Witrenko, this is a “minor change” compared to Washington’s previous position, in order not to sanction the almost completed pipeline from Russia to Germany. Joe Biden’s decision was to be focused on improving relations with Angela Merkel’s government. But as the CEO of Naftogaz emphasizes, Kiev has been working hard in recent months to convince the US president to change its strategy.

When asked what could cause such a course to change, Witrenko replied that “if something happens to the Ukrainian energy transit, such as the interruption of gas supplies,” the director of Naftogaz did not provide details.

– Every effort should be made to prevent the Kremlin from misusing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (…). We should not wait for Putin to threaten Ukraine’s energy security when his past shows that he is not following the rules, said Jeanne Shaheen of the Senate committee

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Zelenskiy’s visit to the US and assurances about the reaction

“I told the president very openly that we would fight this energy weapon no matter what,” Zelenskiy told reporters at a briefing in Washington after the meeting with American Congressmen.

– If Ukrainian laws are violated and the issue of energy security is violated, the US will be ready to apply a sanctioning policy – stated Interfax-Ukraine.

Zelenskiy said that he had offered Biden a new format for US participation in the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbas and steps to strengthen security in the Black Sea region. The US will analyze these proposals – he pointed out.

When asked about Ukraine’s accession to NATO, Zelensky replied: “There is support from the US, there is no deadline”.

In a joint statement by the presidents of both countries after the White House meeting, it was written that the US and Ukraine jointly oppose the Nord Stream 2 project. Washington pledged to maintain Ukraine’s role as a transit country and underlined its “unwavering” support for Kiev’s sovereignty in the face of Russia’s aggression.

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