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the united states-Date 22 Jan.AFPReports that the United States has announced a temporary suspension of 44 Chinese airline passengers scheduled to fly from the United States to China. to retaliate from China’s dramatic reductions in US flights As China continues to implement strict measures to curb entry into the country, including reducing flights to curb the spread of COVID-19. It is a move that comes less than three weeks before China hosts the Winter Olympics.

United States Department of Transportationstated in the order on Friday, January 21, local time that China’s action to cut Delta Airlines flights American Airlines and the United States’ United Airlines are detrimental to the public interest.

The ministry’s statement also stated that U.S. airlines that comply with all relevant Chinese rules with respect to regulations both before leaving a U.S. airport and during their in-flight are not subject to penalties. If the passenger which arrive at the destination But later it came back positive for COVID-19.

For 44 of those flights operated by Air China. China Eastern Airlines China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines Scheduled to fly from the US to China from 30 Jan. – 29 Mar. 2022

According to China’s Zero-Covid Policy that enforces strict measures, including lockdowns China also temporarily suspends several routes. If found to be infected with COVID-19 Too many on flights, such as Beijing suspending thousands of flights and increasing COVID-19 testing. After Beijing has infected with Covid-19 The first omikron strain last weekend.


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