US Open. Novak Djokovic: “We will talk about it on Sunday, I hope …”. Sport

“Make history? If I think about it too much, it weighs me down mentally ”, has explained Novak Djokovic, on his quest for a calendar Grand Slam, Wednesday, after qualifying for the semi-finals of the US Open where he expects a tough battle against Alexander Zverev. Maintenance.

In the quarterfinals, Matteo Berrettini made your life difficult in the first set. How do you manage to take a match like this to your advantage?

I know what my strengths are. I stick to it. I have worked for years to perfect my game so that it has no blemishes. Each player has weaknesses in his game. I want to have as complete a game as possible, which I can adapt to any surface or opponent. Some guys, like Matteo, need to feel strong, serving, forehand, they want to be able to dictate the game. Me, I want my opponents to feel that I can catch any ball, that I can play comfortably. from baseline, net, serve, backhand …

You will find Zverev, who beat you in the half at the Olympics …

The end of the Olympics was emotionally difficult for me. I dominated the tournament until the semi-finals. I was leading 6-1, 3-2 against him, who was also playing very well. Then, unfortunately, my game fell apart. It happens. And he won. He earned his gold medal. He hasn’t lost a single game since, he’s in fantastic form. But it’s a best of five sets match that awaits us, in a Grand Slam. Last year, he was only two points off his first Major here, against Dominic Thiem. I know it’s going to be a tough battle. But I’m ready for it. These are the obstacles that I must overcome to achieve the desired goal.

Precisely, on the court, you did not want to evoke the story you are trying to write. Why ?

Because I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. Which is understandable … But I’m tired of answering it. I’ve said a million times that of course I’m aware that I can make history and how much that motivates me. However, if I start to think about it too much, it weighs on me mentally. We will talk about it on Sunday, I hope …

The semi-finals program (this Friday evening, from 9 p.m.):

Djokovic (Ser/n°1) – Zverev (All/n°4)

Auger-Aliassime (Can/n°12) – Medvedev (Rus/n°2).


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