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A US court allowed on Tuesday night (11/09/2021) that documents related to the assault on the Capitol on January 6 by supporters of Donald Trump be delivered to a congressional commission of inquiry, despite attempts of the former president to avoid it.

“The court holds that the public interest lies in allowing – not prohibiting – the combined will of the legislative and executive powers to study the events that occurred and led up to January 6,” wrote federal judge Tanya Chutkan in her ruling, which was broadcast by various US media.

Trump wanted to prevent a Democratic-controlled House Investigation Committee from receiving hundreds of documents, including a list of people who visited or called him on the day of the Capitol attack.

The more than 770 pages of documents also include material about the activities of his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, his former senior adviser Stephen Miller and his former deputy adviser, Patrick Philbin.

Trump secrets will see the light

Trump also intended to keep the White House diary secret, a record of his activities, travel, briefings and phone calls.

Donald Trump.

Other documents the former president does not want Congress to see include the memos addressed to his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, a handwritten note on the events of January 6, and a draft of Trump’s speech at a rally shortly before the attack. .

The Republican billionaire had invoked the right of the executive branch to keep certain information secret.

Trump’s lawyers have already shown their willingness to appeal the decision, the Washington Post reported.

On January 6, thousands of supporters of the Republican president stormed the United States House of Representatives in an attempt to block the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden. Shortly before, Trump gave a speech to a crowd a few hundred meters from the Capitol in which he again denounced, without proof, that he fraudulently lost the November 2020 presidential election.

The parliamentary investigation seeks testimony from officials close to the former president who can shed light on what Trump knew about the assault before it occurred and what he did during and after it.

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