Many projects and new ideas emerge every day, and even if Urban exploration remains a passion, it is becoming more and more important in our lives. It is therefore in partnership with URBEX ELEMENT that we decided to produce this video. The latter features the various major spots explored at our beginnings. All the scenes and shots were taken in these abandoned places. Regarding the scenes of dust, dead leaves and shards of glass, it is important to specify that no degradation was orchestrated. It was only by using elements already on the ground that everything was staged and in no case would we have allowed ourselves to degrade the spots, this being contrary to our philosophy. We would like to say that even if we really want to share lots of things and gather as many followers as possible, we must keep in mind that Urbex is a special, dangerous but also respectful practice. The places must be preserved as much as possible for their respect. Even though the majority of people interested in coming to explore say they are aware and pay attention, the math is always there to remind that mistakes can happen quickly. The more people know about a place, the greater the probability that the place will be disclosed, unfortunately, and even if it is against our will. All it takes is a conversation with friends and so on. This is the reason why unfortunately we do not always agree to make visits with all the people who contact us, or that we do not say anything about the place even to our friends, and we apologize for that. But that’s how it is, one of the hard laws of Urbex. Read more here: http://urbexelement.fr/ http://www.mm-production.com


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