Ur-Swiss natural phenomena at the Expo Dubai

© Bellprat Partner

The completely mirrored Swiss pavilion is one of the most instagrammable buildings at this world exhibition in around 200 countries. The Swiss presence comes from the 15-person studio for three-dimensional communication, Bellprat partner.

The scenographers from Zurich take the visitor pavilions on a journey on which Switzerland can be discovered in three acts and in all facets – from tradition to innovation. Bellprat Partner developed the adventure world together with the Zurich architects OOS and Lorenz Eugster’s office for landscape architecture, also from Zurich, on behalf of Presence Switzerland.

In the open access area, waiting visitors protect themselves with ‘Sunbrellas’, which are reflected as interaction elements in the reflective surfaces of the building envelopes.

The way to the pavilion is lined with artifacts that are typical as well as surprising for Switzerland: In addition to the signed tennis ball by Roger Federer or the Swiss Army Knife, there are also ballot papers for the federal vote or the general subscription of the Federal Council to be discovered.

In the second act The audience then plunges into the interior of the building and wanders through refreshing wafts of mist to the summit, until a wonderful mountain panorama opens up over the sea of ​​fog.

Graphic: Bellprat Partner

“We wanted to export this typical and sensual experience, as we Swiss people know it from our autumn hikes, to Dubai as realistically and impressively as possible – including real fog, that is, made only from water. And we managed to turn the idea into reality. Just like we imagined in the studio and during the first tests in an indoor swimming pool, ”says Iwan Funk happily. As Managing Partner of Bellprat Partner, he has been involved in the project since the first sketch five years ago.

360-degree Switzerland in seven minutes: Another ambition of the Zurich scenographers and designers was to show a multi-faceted Switzerland with mountains, lakes and cities within a short time in all daylight moods, as Iwan Funk reports: “So that we can give visitors as much as possible during the few minutes in our pavilion Switzerland, we designed the journey through the exhibition so dramatically that different sensory impressions are skilfully superimposed without overwhelming the guests. ”

The scenographers use light, projection, sound and architecture for a multidimensional experience. The third act focuses on innovative and urban Switzerland: typical inventions of Swiss industry and sustainable innovations for the future of startups have their stage here. At the end, a water drop ballet refreshes the audience by perfectly choreographing water drops in a cone of light to symbolize the various innovations.

“We are pleased that Expo 2020 can finally open its doors and that our heart project can be experienced by the public,” Funk reports enthusiastically from Dubai, where Expo 2020 will be welcoming guests from all over the world until March 31, 2022. The world exhibition is the first major international event with an audience of millions in almost two years. (MICE-tip)


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