up to 8,500 euros for electric and up to 2,500 euros for gasoline and diesel

The Environment and Mobility Area of ​​the Madrid City Council has just approved the fourth line of aid for the renewal of the car park, within the framework of the ‘Cambia 360’ plan, with a maximum endowment of 5.5 million euros.

These aids are intended for Madrilenians who renew their vehicle for a less polluting one either electric or combustionThus, a maximum of 8,500 euros may be received for the purchase of a zero-emission vehicle and 5,500 for an Eco vehicle, if a vehicle without an environmental label is scrapped.

In addition, for the purchase of vehicles with a C label, 2,500 euros can be received as long as a vehicle is delivered without a label to scrap. In order to apply for these grants, it is a mandatory requirement be registered in Madrid and pay the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM) in the capital.

A pioneering purchase aid in the capital

Unlike the purchase aid established by the Moves III national plan -for the purchase of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles-, we must emphasize that this new line of aid already approved by the Governing Board of the Madrid City Council is intended to the purchase of new electric and electrified vehicles, as well as combustion, albeit with nuances.

The initial endowment will be 4 million euros expandable by 1.5 million euros more, and is intended to finance grants that allow Madrilenians to renew their private vehicles through “the purchase of other with low or zero emission technologies”, According to the municipal spokeswoman, Inmaculada Sanz.

This is the first time that the Government of the capital has granted this type of subsidy and it does so through the Change 360 ​​Aid Plan that includes the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

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Governing Board of the Madrid City Council

As Sanz has communicated, the objective pursued by this call is to contribute to reducing pollution in the city, mainly that of nitrogen oxides, particulates and greenhouse gases caused by road traffic, as well as improving energy efficiency, electromobility and promoting sustainable mobility.

According to data from the Madrid City Council, a vehicle without a badge emits an average of 1.6 times more polluting gases than a vehicle with environmental classification B; 7.2 times more than a vehicle with environmental classification C and 47 times more than a vehicle with environmental classification Eco.

Incentives to scrap the most polluting vehicles


The Environment and Mobility Area led by Borja Carabante has established fixed amounts for the purchase of private vehicles based on the environmental classification of the purchased vehicle.

Thus, applicants will be able to receive 6.000 euros for the purchase of a new zero emission vehicle and 3,000 for one Eco, amounts that would increase by An additional 2,500 euros if a vehicle without a badge is scrapped environmental: that is, a vehicle with a gasoline engine registered before the year 2000 or a diesel vehicle registered before the year 2006.

For the purchase of vehicles with a C label, 2,500 euros can be received as long as an “A” vehicle is delivered or without an environmental label, to be scrapped on a mandatory basis. These amounts can be increased if certain personal circumstances of the beneficiary (large family or disability with reduced mobility) concur.


Individuals who want to apply for these grants must make the request through the dealer or point of sale where they are going to purchase the vehicle, which must have previously subscribed to the program through the official website of the plan.

The collaborating entity will proceed to pay each subsidy from the moment it correctly receives the justification from each beneficiary in the established terms. The deadline to receive the aid will range from one to five months, depending on the date the vehicle is delivered to the buyer.

Where can you get the DGT environmental label and what is its price?

These aids, which are compatible with other state or regional subsidies, may be requested since the beginning of October and there will be a month to be eligible for financing. In addition, they will coexist in Madrid with those for the renovation of boilers, installation of electric charging infrastructures and the direct aid to the taxi sector, which remain active.

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