UP police kill 17-year-old girl in encounter Notorious criminal in UP killed in police encounter

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh police have shot dead a man worth Rs 1 lakh in an encounter. Vijay Prajapati, accused in several cases, including the shooting death of 17-year-old Kajal, was killed in Gorakhpur.

He was killed during a confrontation with Gagaha police in the Sonbersa area. According to police, Vijay fired at the police who asked him to surrender and he was killed in the ensuing clash. The man who was with him fled into the darkness. Vijay Prajapati is accused in several cases including murder, kidnapping and robbery. Police seized his bike and pistol. Fake ID cards of various ranks of police and CBI officials were also recovered from him.

Kajal, 17, was shot dead by Vijay on the 20th of last month. This was during a dispute with the girl’s father. Kajal was shot while recording Vijay’s beating her father on her mobile phone. Kajal, who was undergoing treatment at the hospital, died five days later. After the incident, the police found Vijay during an extensive search and killed him in an encounter.


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