Unusual engine ‘transplant’: How many km does the first Tesla Model 3 hybrid with a liter of petrol cover – News by sources

An unusual engine “transplant” for a car that symbolizes electrification at the highest level: the first Tesla Model 3 hybrid travels 50 kilometers with a liter of gasoline.

The system is designed to extend the possibility of electrified driving to the widest possible audience, with lower battery costs.

In the hybrid propulsion system of the Model 3 signed by Frank Obrist, the petrol engine generates the energy needed to recharge the battery that powers the electric unit.

Distances of 100 kilometers are reached with two liters of petrol, 50 km with one liter, electricity consumption of 7.3 kWh / 100 km and Co2 emissions of 23g / km.

Tesla Model 3 is at the top of the rankings. Meanwhile, sales of the Tesla Model 3 increase, reaching 66,350 units sold in the first half of the year, making it the most popular electric vehicle in Europe and the 25th best-selling model in the overall ranking by June. .


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