universal prayer

It is a project where we reflect what we are and can be, and that together we make one to be able to live better. It is being built with guests and with the people who at the moment want to join us. We have tried to capture it in videos and images, in different places, situations and moments out of our own need and the way I have found is to use dance, like any job, showing that life is in front of us. You only live once. We are all Pakistan We are all Venezuela We are all Egypt We are all Mexico We are all Syria We are all Ukraine We are all the World Production / Direction / Script : Farah Solís Photography / Editing : Erik Mariñelarena Talent : Karinne Felker, Montserrat Martínez, Natalia Alvarado, Laura Ladrón de Guevara, Lili Nahid, Farah Solís, Jocelyn Najla, Gabriela Hernández, Sofía Ramírez, Allison Luna & Alfredo Rayo Acknowledgements: Eugenia Solís, Jaime Alvarado & Vangelis P. Music: “Veni Redemptor Gentium” by Paul Schwartz, performed by Lisbeth Scott.


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