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United States – Trump finds too laudatory tributes to Colin Powel

by drbyos


The former president blasted “the errors” of the former secretary of state who died the day before and greeted by the majority of the American political class.

Donald Trump could not help but take the opposite view of the tributes paid to Colin Powell.


Colin Powell “made lots of mistakes but hey, may he rest in peace!” Donald Trump assured Tuesday, in a scathing statement published the day after the death of the former Secretary of State under George W. Bush. One of the pet peeves of the former Republican president, Mr. Powell died at the age of 84 of complications related to Covid-19, drawing tributes from all over the American political spectrum, in particular from Democratic President Joe Biden.

A consensual tone deemed far too laudatory by Mr. Trump, who said he hoped to benefit from such a concert of praise at his own death. “Wonderful to see how the disinformation media deals with the late Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and notoriously the so-called weapons of mass destruction. I hope that will happen to me one day too, ”wrote the former business mogul.

“A so-called republican”

Donald Tump also accused Mr. Powell of being “a so-called Republican”, “always quick to attack other Republicans,” a criticism he often leveled at the man who was the first African-American to hold office. Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces then Secretary of State.

Colin Powell has always been very critical of Donald Trump. In 2016, he backed Hillary Clinton against the billionaire, and four years later announced his decision to vote for Joe Biden, accusing the Republican president of “lying all the time.”


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