United States and Mexico Resume Economic Talks Halted by Trump with a Focus on Labor | At the moment

Mexico City.-United States and Mexico resumed high-level economic talks on Thursday for the first time in four years as the two sides signaled that they need greater cooperation to combat the challenges of climate change, workers’ rights and immigration.

The so-called High Level Economic Dialogue will seek economic opportunities beyond the trade issues covered in the new North American trade agreement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, which took effect in 2020.

The vice president Kamala Harris He noted that a lot has happened since the last high-level economic talks, which former President Donald Trump abandoned after accusing Mexico of sending criminals across the border. He said that COVID has undermined the global economy, while climate change and cyber attacks have threatened supply chains, requiring a unified response between the two countries.

The talks come as the two sides seek to find solutions to a number of controversial issues, including automotive rules requiring that certain quantities of parts are obtained in America of the North and orderly resumption by the court of the “Stay in Mexico” which sends asylum seekers out of the United States while their cases are being processed.

Mexico and the United States have agreed on four pillars of focus for high-level talks, and will approve an agenda on Thursday.

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