Under the guise of Corona – government fuels inflation

The Saxon AfD member of parliament Frank Peschel / Photo: AfD parliamentary group Saxony

The Saxon employer president, Jörg Brückner, sharply criticizes the state government in the MDR. The constant taking on of new debt fuels inflation. However, Saxony has “not an income problem, but an expenditure problem”. The Court of Auditors has already denounced the waste of tax money, but the government is doing nothing.

Frank Peschel, economic policy spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament, explains:

“We can fully support the criticism from the Saxon economy. Under the guise of Corona, the state government has taken out several billions in loans. Instead of using this money exclusively for businesses in need, such as in the catering and retail trade, it often ends up in questionable ideological projects, such as the climate planned economy.

In addition, the government wants to stretch the repayment of the loans so far that our children in particular are burdened with it. This is irresponsible and dangerous. Because permanent money printing, as practiced by the ECB, and constantly new debts fuel inflation. It eats up wealth, devalues ​​citizens’ incomes and impoverishes the middle class.

Good financial and economic policy therefore consists of budgeting thrifty and relieving companies that create real added value of bureaucracy and taxes.”


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