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Uncharted with Tom Holland and Banderas, finally a trailer in French

by drbyos

It’s finally here, the trailer in French version of Uncharted! Sony Pictures has just released a 2.33s trailer, enough to give us a first idea of ​​this production marked by a three-star cast including Tom Holland (Nathan Drake), Antonio Banderas (Ah), Mark Wahlberg (Victor Sullivan) ) or; Sophia Taylor Ali (Chloe Frazer). Remember also that it will be screened in theaters from February 16. This after many postponements, for obvious reasons. And without a doubt, fan reviews of Uncharted’s video games will be ruthless, if poor quality. But otherwise, gamers could help make it a must-see movie… Place the trailer in question.

And here is the post from Naugthy Dog, posted on the Playstation blog:

It’s a really big day for everyone at Naughty Dog. It’s been almost fourteen years since our team took you around the world with the explosive and breathtaking adventures of Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, and all the other beloved characters who have become mainstays of the series: Sully, Sam, Elena, Nadine and many others!

UNCHARTED has had a huge impact, not only on the people who created it, but also on its millions of fans around the world, to become one of the most beloved franchises on PlayStation through four independent installments and one game. derivative, titled The Lost Legacy, putting Chloe Frazer at the heart of the story!

Today we are very excited to unveil the first official trailer for the highly anticipated UNCHARTED movie, starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas. Together with Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Productions, and Naughty Dog, we’ve captured the spirit, spectacle, and soul that make the UNCHARTED series (some of you will recognize the humor, iconic locations, music, and more). the relics).

During discussions with Ruben Fleischer, the director, he told us that he made “a film as much for the most passionate fans of the series as for those who do not know it, and that everyone will be entertained in this extremely fun and action-packed movie. “

It will be an epic and emotional adventure, for newcomers and old fans alike, with Nathan Drake making his big screen debut! Greatness truly comes from humble beginnings!

Without further ado, here is the trailer for the movie UNCHARTED.

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