UN to USA and China: do not jeopardize climate protection

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appeals to the USA and China not to endanger climate protection through differences of opinion.

“We understand that there are problems in US-China relations, but these problems do not conflict with the need for both US and China to do everything possible to ensure that the UN climate change conference is a success.” said Guterres yesterday. The UN climate conference begins next month in Glasgow, Scotland.

Xi: Climate protection must “respect core issues”

Most recently, US President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping addressed climate protection in a phone call. Afterwards, Xi declared that breakthroughs in climate protection were possible, but that “core concerns” on both sides would have to be respected.

The US has been arguing with China over trade interests and areas of influence for years. In addition, the US has imposed sanctions on Chinese companies and accuses the People’s Republic of violating human rights.

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