Ukrainian police stole a trash can from a car wash and ended up on video: Ukraine: Former USSR:

In the city of Konstantinovka, Donetsk region of Ukraine, the police stole a ballot box from a car wash. It is reported by Telegram-channel of the publication “”.

The moment of theft was captured on video. The published footage shows how law enforcement officers wipe a washed company car with a rag. Then one of them, looking around, takes a nearby urn and puts it on the back seat of the car. After that, law enforcement officers continued to take care of their vehicle.

In January, two Ukrainian police officers were suspected of creating a criminal group to steal cables from the State Special Communications Service in Kharkiv. It was assumed that the gang was created by a patrol officer and a member of the escort battalion. They also involved two civilians in criminal activity, with whom they were engaged in the theft of wires from the departmental storage, as well as the Ukrtelecom enterprise.

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