Ukrainian Denis (9) joins the HFC-Bürgel football club on the Main


March 22, 2022 – 6:52 p.m Clock

The integration could not have gone better. Denis fled the Ukraine with his mother in March and is now joining a football club in Offenbach. The 9-year-old may not yet have mastered the language, but he is passionate about it. The coach of the HFC-Bürgel am Main invited Denis to the soccer field and is convinced.

A few hours free from worries

At the beginning of March, Oskana from Bad Homburg brought her half-sister Anja and her son Denis from Poland by car. They come from Korez, 200 kilometers west of Kyiv and fled the war in Ukraine. Father Andrey had to stay in the hometown. Mama Anja is very worried and only came to Germany to bring her son to safety.

Denis is very lucky, because he has already found a connection with the football club HFC-Bürgel am Main. Here he can be free from worries for a few hours. “I really want to become a real sportsman and play on a real football field, with my friends and maybe my girlfriends if they want!” Denis said.

Mama Anja and Aunt Oskana are very happy that Denis found a connection with the Offenbach football team so quickly.


The war also concerns children

When Armin Kuster, HFC-Bürgel coach, found out that Denis was in Germany, he invited him to a game. “I let him warm up. After two minutes I saw, okay, he’s played football before. Then I put a jersey on him and there wasn’t a single query from the team.”

The fact that children have to flee their homeland also worries Denis’ teammates. “That’s not great for him either, he’s probably always thinking about his dad still being there,” said 9-year-old Bruno. But Dennis and his mom will have to stay in Germany for a while and are happy to have made their first friends. (hdi)

The trainer Armin Kuster from HFC Bürgel quickly integrated Denis into the team.

The trainer Armin Kuster from HFC-Bürgel quickly integrated Denis into the team.


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