Ukraine-Russia conflict – US sends military equipment to Ukraine

Amid fears of a Russian invasion, the Ukrainian leadership is sending calming signals to the people – and preparing for a possible emergency. Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov stressed on Tuesday in the parliament in Kiev that “as of today there is no evidence” of an immediate invasion. The Russian troops had not formed a battle group that could breach the border. “Don’t worry, sleep well,” added Reznikov. “No need to have packed bags.”

Just the day before, several Ukrainian government officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, had called for calm. In a video address to the nation, he emphasized that the situation was “under control”. At the same time, Defense Minister Reznikov admitted in an interview that was published on Monday evening that there are “dangerous scenarios” that could be “possible and probable in the future”.

US military equipment for Ukraine

Military equipment and ammunition from the United States, which were agreed as part of new security aid in the amount of 200 million dollars (around 177 million euros), should arrive in Ukraine on Tuesday.

Ukrainian soldiers on the border


The West sees the Russian troop deployment of an estimated 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine as preparations for a possible invasion. Moscow denies this and describes the accusation as a pretext for NATO’s own provocations. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov again accused the United States on Tuesday of “stoking tensions” around Ukraine.

Several hours of talks at the highest diplomatic level have not brought any breakthrough, instead tensions have recently increased. NATO announced an increased deterrent presence in the Baltic Sea region, and the United States put 8,500 soldiers on increased readiness. These could be relocated to Europe as part of the “NATO Response Force” if this should become necessary, according to Washington. (dpa)


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