Ukraine is working on organizing the “Normandy meeting” despite a lack of will on the part of Russia

Ukraine is working on organizing a meeting of the heads of state of the “Normandy format” countries, but at the moment the question depends on the position of the Russian side, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said at the YES brainstorming forum, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“I need a result. I measure the result on people. We met with Putin, there should be a “Normandy meeting”, maybe it will come to that, it depends on you. We are a strong, independent state, that is true, but on some issues we are not yet strong enough to dictate this policy. We really want and we strive for it, and we are moving in that direction, ”said Zelenskyi.

He also stressed that Ukraine was working on this meeting. He also expressed his conviction that if this meeting takes place, then some numbers of people may return home.

“I don’t believe in“ all against all ”, everything we agree on, they never implement one hundred percent. Russia doesn’t, but anyway, if there is a meeting there will be a result. And one result – 100 people, 50 or two people … ”said Zelenskyi.


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