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U.S. Voter Voting Rights Restriction Bills Soar… Adoption promotion in 47 states

by drbyos

A new bill restricting voters’ right to vote in the United States has skyrocketed, NBC reported on Monday.

According to the NBC, 47 states are considering voting restrictions, and legislation has been finalized in Georgia, as well as Iowa, Arkansas, and Utah, which first introduced the law.

According to New York University’s Brennan Justice Center, by the 24th of last month, 361 electoral restrictions were proposed in 47 state legislatures.

This is an increase of 43% (108 cases) from the February 19 count.

At the initiative of the Republican Party, five laws in four states, including Georgia, have been signed by the Governor.

Georgia requires voters to present proof of photo ID when voting absentee by mail, reducing the deadline for applying for absentee ballots and limiting the location of ballot boxes.

Iowa made pre-voting difficult, Utah restricted access to voters, and Arkansas passed two laws that enforced voter identification regulations.

Currently, at least 55 vote-restricting legislation in 24 states has passed some or all state legislatures.

In addition to the five bills signed by the Governor, nine bills have passed through both houses to be signed.

41 bills passed either the Senate or the House of Representatives.

NBC said most of the bills target mail-in votes, which expanded last year due to the spread of Corona 19.

One-quarter of the bills pursue stricter identification requirements, while others make it difficult to register to vote or aim to increase the removal of voters from the voter roll.

Georgia, Texas and Arizona are leading the move to restrict voting rights, NBC reported.

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The NBC reports that last year’s presidential election was safe and the results were clear, saying that the lie of former President Donald Trump’s “stealed election” has triggered a surge in the bill.

The Republican Party, which is leading the restriction on voting rights, argues that it is a measure to solve the problems of voting by mail, such as insufficient identification procedures, and to increase the reliability of voting, but it is pointed out that this is due to political consideration.

Vote-by-mail votes usually involve more supporters of the Democratic Party, and were evaluated as contributing to boosting the vote of people of color who tend to support the Democratic Party in last year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

President Joe Biden has recently criticized Georgia’s new voting law as “it must be done”, saying “this is Jim Crowe of the 21st century.”


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