U.S. arrests drug king El Chapo over drug conspiracy

Ms Ashspuro is an American, but also has Mexican citizenship. Winning a beauty contest at Mexico’s Guaba Music Festival, she met El Chapo when she was 17 and he was 49, and they have two children, twins.

Ashspuro attended a three-month hearing for her husband in New York City every day of 2019 and has become the focus of media. At one point she acted like laughing. When El Chapo’s other wife gave her tears She also came to court wearing the same color as her husband. To show oneness too

Mrs. Ashpuro supported her husband to the end. It said in a statement closing the inquiry that “I don’t know my husband as the person they want to see. But I respect him as the human being that I have met and marry. ”El Chapo was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison and $ 12.6 billion in assets. From drug smuggling and money laundering charges


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