Tyrosse pulls Anglet down the table

Tyrosse pulls Anglet down the table

On arrival they are…

On arrival it was the Tyrossais who emerged victorious thanks to a drop from Clément Baldy-Martin, three minutes from the end (25-27). This crucial drop allows the Landais to stay alive in the race for maintenance, even if they will have to seriously whip to fill the nine points which separate them today from Floirac, the first not to be relegated.

Breakthrough and melee

To overcome the Angloys, the Landais showed a sacred character. They were trailing by nine points (19-10) at the start of the second period, but through patience, and behind a scrum that finished strong (a penalty try at the very end of the match), they were able to catch up and pass before the AORC.

The joy of the Tyrossais could burst at the final whistle.

Pablo Ordas

But to reduce the victory of the UST to the sole performance of the Landes pack would be unfair. Under the Basque gloom, François Gelez’s players also offered quality moves and scored two fine tries. The first, scored by Lacaze (14th), arrived after a long possession within 22 meters. The second, signed Hourcade (52nd), followed a superb breakthrough by Alexandre Loustaunau, who celebrated his thirtieth birthday in the best of ways.


Opposite, Bastien Fischer was blowing out his twenty-ninth candle. The birthday cake must have tasted sour. For good reason, his team lost for the fourth time this season at home, and this setback, against a direct competitor for maintenance, will force the Basque club to look down, since they only have three points left. ahead of the Bassin d’Arcachon (13th, one more match).

If the meeting between the AORC and the UST was rather pleasant, it is above all because the two teams did not close the game. After a timid start to the match, the local club was the first to cross the in-goal, when Bixente Layan came to conclude a breakthrough by Yon André (9th). This same André, excellent in the back of the field, also distinguished himself by being at the base of the second try, signed Sébastien Laulhé, just before the break (39th).

The problem? It is that Anglet, who had the game in hand, completely foiled at the end of the game and many approximations in the last minutes cost him the victory. Bothered by breakage in their workforce, the blue and white have won only one of their last six games. They will try to raise their heads next week, during a trip which already looks complicated, to the group leader, Périgueux.


Anthony Biscay (Anglet forwards coach): “We are in the hard and all the rebounds fall on the wrong side. The match escapes us, we ended up with twelve on the ground, it was complicated. We are able to do good things, but over 80 minutes, we are not able to hold a game. We knew it was going to be tough in this division and there, we pay all cash. We are not far, but at the end of matches, there are defeats. There must be a problem, maybe we’re doing things wrong. We too, the coaches, have to manage the end of matches badly or not help the players in this sense. That’s the question I ask myself. »
Alexandre Loustaunau (tyrosse scrum-half): “We were in a delicate phase. We try to go to all matches with desire and heart. We’ve been working hard for a few months and it’s not paying too much. We lost three or four games at the end and there, it smiles on us. It’s only our third win of the season, but we’re hanging on to what we can and we’re not going to let go until the end of the season. In front, the guys had a big game, they were able to compete and behind, it was easier for us. »


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