two videos appear that prove him right, in the meantime the mother has been hospitalized

two videos appear that prove him right, in the meantime the mother has been hospitalized

New developments on the scandal of the kiss stolen from Jenni Hermoso between controversies and testimonies, in the locker room everyone was joking about the episode

The telenovela about Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation suspended for 90 days from his post and in the cyclone for almost two weeks for the kiss stolen from the soccer player Jenni Hermoso in the stadium after the success of the Iberian women’s national team at the World Cup.

Two videos would exonerate Rubiales

While accusations and requests for severe penalties continue to arrive from everywhere against Rubiales (also in Spain the uncle speaks very badly of the former president) two videos appear that would prove him right. After the success, the celebrations in the locker room were recorded in a video posted on Instagram by one of the players.

At the beginning of filming, Hermoso and the president of the Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) can be seen very complicit, as they were together and embraced. But as the video progressed, a rumor of an alleged one began to circulate marriage that both would have celebrated in Ibiza. Later, the players and Rubiales himself joked about us: “I can’t”, “I can’t either”, “but when will it be”, “we can all”. At the end we see the coach Vilda interrupting the songs and shouts of celebration to say: “In Ibiza we will celebrate the wedding of Jenni and Luis Rubiales”.

Source: ANSA

The hug and kiss sequence

Hermoso’s attitude in the videos is different

In another video, published by the newspaper El Espanol, Hermoso can be heard comparing his kiss to the famous one between the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas and girlfriend Sara Carbonero, exchanged after winning the 2010 World Cup. “Didn’t you see him when he kissed me?” remarks, laughing, the soccer player to her teammates.

“Excited, he came and took me like this.” When Rubiales himself gets on the middle, the teammates are no longer in the skin and begin to sing “kiss, kiss, kiss”. An atmosphere that seems very different from the freezing one that descended on the president of the RFEF in the following days.

Rubiales’ mother urgently hospitalized

Meanwhile, the mother of the president of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales, she felt bad and was rushed to hospital after days of hunger strike at a church in Motril. The woman, the former hairdresser Angeles Bejar, had said that the protest “will last indefinitely, day and night”.

Source: ANSA

The mother of Rubiales

“She didn’t feel well because of the heat and all the rest,” explained the parish priest of the church to the reporters who gathered: in fact, a press conference was scheduled for this evening by the woman. “They came to her swollen feetshe was nervous and very tired.

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