Two infections isolate and expel 52 pilgrims from Alcalá de Henares from the Camino de Santiago | SER Henares

A group of 52 pilgrims of Alcalá de Henares have been forced to Leave the Santiago’s road after two of its members began to feel bad and it was diagnosed Covid-19 in the Lugo town of Portomarín.

The mayor of the town, Juan Serrano, explains in statements to Radio Lugo that “automatically I get in touch with the person in charge of the group and I try to remove them from circulation because they were in a private shelter. We open a emergency shelter that we already had prepared for this “.

After confirming by PCR that these two people were infected, one of those responsible for the group together with the two people who had tested positive they came back to Alcalá de Henares around four in the afternoon “in a rental car.”

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The rest of the group “as was a contact group and there could be more infected or that they were incubating the disease, “explains the councilor,” after managing their transport at around 11:00 pm, a bus leaves with them for Madrid. “

“You have to start thinking that this will be part of our daily life and seek solutions, “said Serrano, whose municipality is one of the important enclaves of the so-called French Way in the province of Lugo.

“This will keep happening this year, next year and perhaps later, until this type of situation ends up not being news, “predicted Serrano who, however, underlines that the Camino de Santiago It is safe, noting the important presence of pilgrims in Portomarín on these dates.

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