Two electoral battles in sight

Those who thought they were done with politics in general and elections in particular will be at their expense. Finally, especially if they and they live in Onex or Carouge.

The election of Carole-Anne Kast, socialist administrative adviser to Onex, and Anne Hiltpold, magistrate in Carouge, will lead to a vacancy from June 1. There will therefore be municipal elections to fill these two positions.

Rest assured, the polls will not take place before the start of the school year. The law on the exercise of political rights stipulates that it is up to the Council of State to set the date of the election. But he does not have full latitude, since he must leave a period of at least fifteen weeks so that the communities concerned can organize themselves.

In fact, that leads directly to mid-August. But it is difficult to see how a political campaign could take place optimally during the school holidays.

It is therefore likely that voters in One and Carouge will decide during the fall. The date has not yet been announced, but the holding of the federal election on October 22 should also play a role in setting it.

To hear the leaders of the municipal sections of the parties, the first round will be played between the end of September and October. Because, if there is a minimum deadline to be respected, we must also avoid delaying too much so that the executives can once again function in their full composition.

Important issue at Onex

After fifteen years, Carole-Anne Kast will leave the Onex Administrative Board at the end of the month. There will remain the green Maryam Yunus Ebener and the centrist Anne Kleiner. In 2021, all three of them had been elected on the same list, mainly on the left.

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In fact, on the right of the political spectrum, it is considered legitimate to seek the post. “At Onex, the Center, when it had elected deliberative members, always voted with the left”, assures Nathalie Keller, municipal councilor Echo-Vert’liberals.

His party, the Echo d’Onex, will present a candidacy for the executive in order to “offer an alternative to the Socialist Party”. The person has already been appointed by the committee and will have to be validated at the general meeting. The green liberal party is in the process of reflection.

Within the PLR, Pierre Nicollier, president of the section, does not want a tacit election. “The Administrative Council does not reflect the strengths of the Municipality. We want a magistrate who represents the right-wing parties present in the deliberative, but still have to agree with the other forces.


Party very early in the race for the cantonal executive, Carole-Anne Kast gave time to her socialist comrades to prepare her succession. Daniel Cattani, leader, confirms that the party will present a candidate in the by-election. “This is Romain Gauthier, elected municipal official and secretary general of the Rally for a Social Housing Policy.” There is little doubt that at Onex, the campaign will be lively. In fact, it is the political majority within the municipal government that will be at stake.

In the meantime, two inexperienced magistrates will have to hold the reins of the town. “It’s a real source of concern, says Nathalie Keller. This is all the more so since there have already been problems in the past.

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A year ago, the Geneva Grandstand mentioned the early retirement of the Secretary General. According to several sources, the relationship with the two new magistrates would have been the cause.

Uncertainties in Carouge

Within the Sardinian City, the situation is quite different, since Anne Hiltpold sits with two left-wing women. At the PLR, the follow-up to be given has been clear and fixed since last autumn at the general assembly. “We are going to present Raffaele Fraomene, president of the municipal council, in the race”, informs Stéphane Riem, who is at the head of the liberal-radicals of Carouge.

Optimistic, he thinks that the municipality is heading towards a tacit election. It is not impossible, however, that the Greens and the Socialists do not want to establish unchallenged domination in the executive.

For the time being, these formations indicate that their general assemblies will decide on the strategy to be adopted soon. As for the Center and its municipal ally the Vert’libéraux, they say they are opening a phase of reflection.

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