Two bracelets of the luxurious Queen of France Marie Antoinette for sale.. video

Auction house Christie’s puts two bracelets from the belongings of French Queen Marie Antoinette for sale for the first time on the ninth of next November in the Swiss city of Geneva.

In addition to their great historical value and wearing them by the Queen, who was famous for opulence despite the extreme poverty experienced by the French during her reign (1774-1792), the two bracelets contain more than 100 unique diamonds.

According to Marie-Cecile Kizamolo, a jewelry specialist at Christie’s, the two bracelets contain 112 diamonds ranging in size from one carat to more than four carats each.

“Altogether we have between 140 and 150 carats of diamonds, which is an incredible amount. So the intrinsic value of these pieces is really enormous,” Kizamolo says.

She adds, “It’s also made in a way that… (it looks like) it flows like wearing cloth. It’s an extraordinary piece, made for a woman to wear and wear with pleasure. You can see that she loves diamonds, you can see that it was a passion (of Marie Antoinette) and it was reflected in These two bracelets. They are a piece of history”, as quoted by “Euronews”.



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