Two arrested in Montilla for stealing a credit card to collect a debt for drug purchase

The Civil Guard has arrested in Montilla and brought two men to justice as alleged perpetrators of a robbery with violence and fraud after entering a house and stealing a credit card to collect a debt for drug purchase.

According to the Benemérita, it all began after learning through a complaint filed at the Montilla barracks that a robbery with violence had been committed in a house in the town, where two people, after forcibly entering the interior of the same , they demanded that the inhabitant pay them a debt that he had acquired with both of them after a alleged drug purchase and when they did not achieve their purpose, several effects were stolen, including a credit card.

After identifying the alleged perpetrators, who turned out to be two residents of Montilla, the Civil Guard focused their investigations on them, which allowed them to obtain sufficient evidence that they had fraudulently used the stolen card.

Given this, both were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of robbery with violence and fraud. The detainees and the proceedings carried out have been placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.


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