Twitter: Short message giant sells its mobile marketing unit MoPub to Applovin – stock analysis (Der Aktionär)

Kulmbach ( – Twitter share analysis by “Der Aktionär”:

Benjamin Heimlich from the investor magazine “Der Aktionär” takes a close look at the shares of Twitter Inc. (ISIN: US90184L1026, WKN: A1W6XZ, ticker symbol: TWR, NYSE symbol: TWTR) in a current stock analysis.

The short message giant is separating from its mobile marketing unit MoPub and selling it to Applovin. The software company is putting billions in cash on the table for this. The deal is well received on the stock exchange: the shares of both companies would be clearly in the plus on Thursday.

MoPub develops monetization solutions for mobile publishers and app developers. The company thus fits into the software portfolio of Applovin’s marketing, monetization and data analysis tools for apps.

In a statement on the transaction, Twitter explained that it wanted to focus more on growth in the key segments and to concentrate on developing its own products. Applovin is having the acquisition cost $ 1.05 billion in cash. Twitter bought MoPub in 2013 for around USD 350 million.

With the introduction of the tip function, Twitter recently showed that the core business still offers plenty of room for innovation. For Applovin, the deal is a sensible expansion of its own range. Invested investors should let their profits run on both recommendations of the “shareholder”, so Benjamin Heimlich of the investor magazine “Der Aktionär” in a current stock analysis. (Analysis from October 7th, 2021)

Please also note the information on the disclosure obligation in the event of conflicts of interest within the meaning of Directive 2014/57 / EU and corresponding EU regulations under the following link.

Stock exchanges Twitter share:

Tradegate share price Twitter share:
55,35 EUR +4,41% (07.10.2021, 18:52)

XETRA share price Twitter share:
55,30 EUR +5,21% (07.10.2021, 17:35)

NYSE share price Twitter share:
63,99 USD +4,41% (07.10.2021, 18:43)

ISIN Twitter-Aktie:

WKN Twitter Action:

Ticker-Symbol Twitter-Aktie:

NYSE-Symbol Twitter-Aktie:

Short profile Twitter Inc .:

Twitter Inc. (ISIN: US90184L1026, WKN: A1W6XZ, ticker symbol: TWR, NYSE symbol: TWTR) is the operator of the world’s leading short message service (English: Twitter) is a digital real-time application for microbloggers. is used by individuals, organizations, companies and the media to communicate with friends, customers or interested parties. At the end of 2011, Twitter was already being used by over 100 million users.

The founder of is the American Jack Dorsey. Twitter Inc. was founded in 2006. (07.10.2021 / ac / a / n)



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