Twitter finally brings the editing function

It was one of the most requested new features in the short message service: finally a way to correct typos after the fact. Previously, incorrect tweets could only be deleted and re-created. Yet now announced Twitter plans to gradually test the new function internally and with members of the paid service Twitter Blue. However, not every Twitter user is happy with the announcement.

Changes should be transparent

The new function should enable users to make one or more changes to the tweet in a time window of 30 minutes. If a change has been made, the note “Last changed” appears before the time and date. The change history should also be able to be called up.

“We really hope that with the availability of the editing function, tweeting will feel easier and less stressful,” said Twitter Germany boss Jolanta Baboulidis, according to the daily news.

After an internal test to eliminate errors, the pilot project will initially only be available to users of the paid Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue offers exclusive access to new features and the option to block ads. If you are successful and like it, the function will be successively expanded to include other users.

Not every Twitter user is enthusiastic

Although a non-representative survey by Elon Musk in the spring of this year showed that over 70 percent of Twitter users wanted the function, there is now criticism. “Twitter was special because it was immutable,” writes user Andre Jean-Pierre, for example.

The main concern here is the risk that tweets with harmless statements will go viral and then be subsequently changed. Misinformation and hate messages could spread more. Although the change history can be viewed, just because something is available does not mean that it is being used.

The fact that initially only paying customers can enjoy the function is met with resentment.

Finally, it also ridiculed Twitter: Deutsche Welle News questioned whether subsequent editing also applied to deals with Elon Musk.


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