Twitter explodes in Manchester over Bijlow’s video

Twitter explodes in Manchester over Bijlow’s video

Manchester United is making serious work of Justin Bijlow, as is now known. The Dutchman is seen as an ideal successor to David de Gea, who seems to be leaving transfer-free due to his too generous salary.

United fans between hope and fear about Feyenoord goalkeeper

In England, however, there are serious doubts about Bijlow’s capabilities. After a Manchester United fan account shared an excerpt from a Feyenoord friendly match, in which Bijlow passes a ball on his own goal post, it sounds, among other things: “Jesus, give me De Gea” and “I really laughed, we are truly finished..” Another fan tweeted from Manchester: “Haha, can we please extend De Gea’s contract, I beg you!”

United reportedly have almost twenty million euros ready for the transfer of Bijlow, which came into the picture after former Ajax player André Onana turned out to be far too expensive. Inter Milan is asking for sixty million euros for the Cameroonian.

This snippet was:

Bijlow is good enough for Man United

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