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Velsen – From the national initiative of the Bas van de Goor Foundation, SportSupport organizes the National Diabetes Challenge (NDC) in Haarlem, Hillegom, Lisse and Velsen.

As part of the National Diabetes Challenge, various exercise groups will walk every week for twenty weeks on a fixed evening that differs per municipality. Walking not only helps to reduce health problems, it is also an accessible way of exercising that contributes to a better condition. And – even though the name suggests otherwise – this walking challenge is not only for people with diabetes, but also for people who suffer from obesity, display legs, high cholesterol, or for people who are lonely and enjoy find to have company. In short, for everyone with the advice to exercise.

During the walks, various professionals and volunteers are called in to guide the participants. Attention is paid to the way of walking and fun exercises are also applied while walking. This way participants can experience in a safe way that exercise is good for health and for fun. “We would like to give the pleasure of walking,” says Lucia Grooff of SportSupport and initiator of the Diabetes Challenge in Haarlem. “The aim is for participants to continue walking in groups after twenty weeks.”

The added value of walking: life change

Mary Dreijer and Petra Vergers are enthusiastic walkers from previous editions. They have experienced participating in the Diabetes Challenge as a very positive impact on their lives. “I started the Challenge five years ago,” Mary says. ,,Despite the fact that I suffer from my hip and diabetes type 2, I still wanted to participate. It was tough in the beginning, but I persevered and in hindsight it helped me a lot. And besides that it was very nice and cozy, I can now easily walk for an hour! The great thing about the Diabetes Challenge is that someone is always there for guidance. You also make many new social contacts. I enjoyed it so much.”

Would you also like to participate in the Diabetes Challenge in Velsen?

Registration is mandatory and can be done for Velsen via Jordy van Zaanen: [email protected], 023 – 3037 229. Start from the Polderhuis, Vestingplein 58, Velserbroek. Costs are 5.50 for 20 walks (excl. festive finale – not required)

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