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Pokemon has released a music video produced by the limited-time project “Project Piplup” that supports the Pokemon “Piplup” appearing in the “Pokemon” series on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

This time, the music video of the ending theme medley of the TV anime “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”, which was broadcast on the TV Tokyo series from 2006 to 2010, was released. Through the appearance of Piplup, who is familiar with the TV anime “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”, the idea of ​​”I want you to feel positive” is included.

The songs are a medley arrangement of four songs, “Kimi no Soba de ~ Hikari’s Theme ~”, “Tomorrow is sure”, “Your chest LaLaLa”, and “Wind message”. The highlight is the fast-paced animation of Piplup, which was specially drawn by OLM, the creator of the TV anime “Pokemon” series, for this music video.

[[Official]Project Piplup “It’ll be fine!” MV ~ TV Anime “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” Ending Theme Special Medley ~]

[Comments from Pokemon Co., Ltd.]

As the character of the anime, Hikari, who travels with Piplup, says “OK!”, It is a video that delivers ale to the viewer. Especially for those who are fond of anime Piplup, I hope you can feel the memories of those days everywhere.

About “Project Piplup”

A limited-time project to support the Pokemon “Piplup” that appears in the “Pokemon” series. We support “you” with Piplup through various activities, not just spreading the charm of Piplup to the world.


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