Turning the life of a girl who burns charcoal, wins the 1st prize, receives a large sum of 18 million

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1 Dec. 2021 21:27

Big girl from Lopburi Occupation of coal burning Happy screaming at the house After checking the lottery Find yourself winning the first prize of 3 tickets to become a millionaire in the blink of an eye. Believing in merits that result in receiving large sums of money

On December 1st, in Lopburi Province, a big girl who hired a charcoal burning job. Selling small groceries, becoming a lucky winner, winning the 1st prize, receiving money up to 18 million baht, known as Miss Wanna Wangpol, 52 years old, residing at 67/3 Moo 8, Khok Tum Subdistrict. Buy a government lottery ticket from a stall in the Khok Tum market. After listening to the results of the lottery And have checked the prize results, found that the 3 lottery tickets purchased for the period on December 1, 2021, number 077258, the 45th installment, the 18th, 19th, 20th series won 1st prize Three of them jumped up and screamed with joy. before checking several more times to be sure Then bring the lottery Go to a daily record with Pol Capt. Katcharat Somanat, the investigating officer at Kok Tum Police Station as evidence.

Meanwhile, at Miss Wanna’s house, there are a number of neighbors, children, and relatives. Come to congratulate Ms. Wanna reveals that she lives with her son. and a new husband in a one-story house There is a small shop like to make merit every day Usually buy a few lottery tickets. But this time, I have a dream that I want to win the 1st prize with him once So decided to buy 5 tickets when he knew that he won the 1st to 3rd prize, received 18 million baht, he intended to deposit this money into the bank. Some of them bought a pickup truck carrying some stuff. Part of it is for the children to pay off their debts, build a new house, and make merit for the prosperity of their family and themselves because of hardships throughout their lives.

The same was true for Mr. Samai Boonrod, 68 years old, her husband kissed his wife on the cheek to show reporters. including Grandma Samorn Chimlert, 75 years old, Ms. Wanna’s mother, crying with joy, hugging her child all the time, saying that she had never dreamed that her daughter would be this lucky. Probably because of his own good fortune. As news of winning the first prize spread, many relatives and neighbors came to congratulate. For the trip to receive the first prize money, it will travel to receive the money at the lottery. tomorrow morning

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