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Turner Toba in top form and full of curiosity about Tokyo | NDR.de – Sport

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Status: 04.05.2021 11:50 a.m.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will start in just under three months – due to the corona pandemic, there may be no spectators at all and with a strict hygiene concept. Turner Andreas Toba is still looking forward to it.

“Life doesn’t always play the way you want it to. But it’s the Olympic Games. And that’s the career highlight for every athlete,” said the Hanoverian in the Sportschau Olympia podcast. Whether in London 2012 or Rio 2016, the games were different every time before Corona: “Tokyo is going to be completely different. I’m curious to see how they can take place under such conditions.”

AUDIO: Sportschau-Olympia-Podcast with Andreas Toba (75 min)

Diver: “We are imprisoned here”

Diving divers can currently get an idea of ​​what the conditions will be like. At their World Cup in the Japanese capital, they determine the last starting positions for the competitions in summer (July 23 to August 8).

Patrick Hausding finds clear words: “We are literally imprisoned here, not even allowed to stand in front of the hotel. We go from the hotel to the bus, into the hall – and back to the hotel. Fresh air is currently in short supply. We also have from the city haven’t seen anything yet, “said the Berliner, describing the situation on site. But it is also clear to him: “I am not here as a tourist, but as a professional athlete who wants to achieve his best performance.”

Toba: “Implementing rules will be difficult”

Toba understands the strict measures, but also doubts whether it will work smoothly at the giant Olympia event in the summer: “For example, handing in the tests will not be the point. But the rules as a whole with the large number of athletes, Implementing coaches and officials will be difficult. “

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The fact that there will probably be no spectators in the halls is not a problem for the 30-year-old: “Of course, the last kick, the last adrenaline rush is missing. But you have to cut corners. And we have had a lot of competitions like this at the moment, and that has does not adversely affect performance. “

Toba happy about the first vaccination

In general, the situation for the athletes has become significantly better compared to the previous year, when the games were canceled. In 2020 qualification competitions were canceled, the training conditions were different for everyone.

“My greatest fear was what would happen if I tested positive for Corona two days before the competition. You are not allowed to do gymnastics, you have to be in quarantine and all the preparation was in vain.”
Turner Andreas Toba

“Last year I spoke out in favor of postponing the games because there was simply too much uncertainty. Now we have a new normal, everything is more predictable than 2020,” said Toba. Now there are hygiene concepts, tests and, last but not least, vaccinations against Covid-19. The Lower Saxon has already been “vaccinated” for the first time and is happy to have one less worry. The preparation for the great goal is no longer impaired in this regard.

Medal hope of the DTB

The 30-year-old is also in top form, recently made his first individual finals at the European Championships in Basel and won silver on the horizontal bar – his first international medal. Now he is looking forward to the games in Tokyo full of anticipation, for which he has yet to qualify. With his third participation after 2012 and 2016, Toba would have drawn level with his father Marius (1988, 1996, 2000).

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“It’s like Christmas as a little kid!”
Toba on the Olympic outfit

After the success of Basel, Toba is considered to be the hope for a medal of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB). The extremely self-critical athlete (“There were still a few mistakes in the practice in the European Championship finals”), however, has a much more modest goal for himself: “I would be happy if I did a competition one day that I have nothing to complain about. Which I can say that I caught everything in a way that couldn’t be better for me. “

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Andreas Toba with his silver medal at the European Gymnastics Championships in Basel © picture alliance / KEYSTONE Photo: Georgios Kefalas

The Hanoverian crowned his surprisingly strong performance in Switzerland. It is his first international medal.

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