Turisme de Barcelona closes the promotion campaign in the United States in Chicago

Final point to the tour of a delegation led by Turisme de Barcelona to the United States to capture a visitor profile characterized by high purchasing power and cultural and gastronomic concerns. Chicago has been the last stage of a journey from which a good harvest is expected in the medium term.

Accompanied by a delegation of 10 companies from Barcelona and the director of the Agència Catalana de Turisme, the director of the consortium, Marian Muro, traveled with the Turisme de Barcelona promotion team to make several presentations of the Catalan capital in terms of gastronomy and culture and hold meetings with specialized operators and agents as well as with various businessmen to promote direct connectivity with Barcelona.

The main objective of the action, sources from Turisme de Barcelona point out, has revolved around the values ​​of culture, gastronomy, diversity and authenticity of the Barcelona destination, taking advantage of the new direct connection with Boston from the Level company. “An action -according to Marian Muro- with a format made to measure according to the sector we are targeting, far from the great general promotion acts. We are interested in a visitor or traveler with an interest in culture who knows how to appreciate good gastronomy and the high level of our chefs and the restaurant staff found in Barcelona. We are looking for visitors, not tourists. Visitors who seek to know, not to collect instant photos in front of the great icons”.

We are looking for visitors, not tourists. Visitors who seek to know do not collect photos in front of the great icons”

Marian WallBarcelona Tourism Director

On the first day, a workshop was held in Boston to work with the different operators, tour agents and the specialized press.

The main act of the mission was a Premium dinner on Fifth Avenue in New York in which the Catalan chef Jordi Artal, from the Cinc Sentits restaurant, with two Michelin stars, served a dinner to operators and specialized press. The cardiologist and scientific disseminator Valentí Fuster, established in New York, participated in the event.

Culture has been the other pennant of the Barcelona campaign, with a round table through which the cultural potential of the city has been exposed. Cultural entities and facilities that have accompanied the Turisme de Barcelona delegation were able to present their novelties for 2023. For example, Casa Batlló, which this week has auctioned its recreation work at NFT at Christie’s for 1.38 million euros , the Miró Foundation, Moco Museum and Barcelona Overture in one act at the new headquarters of Value Retail in New York, the UBS Arena on Broadway, attended by representatives of entities and centers such as the Guggenheim in New York.

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Francesc Peirón

Also in New York, a work session has been held with entities from the LGTBIQ+ collective in search of another of the visitor profiles that most interest Barcelona.

The action ended in Chicago with a presentation from Barcelona attended by 90 operators and agents from the Premium segment of the Travel ASTA group, which brings together the most important agents in the US. A subsequent initiative in the form of of Fam Trip that will visit BCN in 2023 in order to give continuity to the action as well as groups of visitors that are already confirmed in the coming months.

preferred customer

The director of the consortium recalls that the United States is the most important market

The director of Turisme de Barcelona recalls that “this is the third action we have carried out this year in the United States, first on the West coast, then in Miami and now on the East coast, with a very powerful program of gastronomy and culture, both fundamental pillars of our offer and in accordance with the attributes that we want to promote as a city”.

Marian Muro considers the North American market “strategic for Barcelona”. “It is the most important market and at the same time the one that represents the greatest return in terms of quality and spending, and also in terms of profile and added value,” he added.

The companies participating in the action were Casa Batlló, Barcelona Obertura, El Corte Inglés, La Roca- Bicester Collection, Fundació Joan Miró, Moco Museum, The Barcelona Edition, H10 Hotels, Intercontinental Barcelona, ​​Level and American Airlines.


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