True 5G is more advanced than all phenomena, delivering iPhone 13 with “SUPER UNLOCK PHENOMENON”

True 5G by Dr. Teeradet Damrongplasit President (Co) and Mr. Oliver Kittiphong Veeratecha, Chief Brand and Communications Officer, True Corporation Plc. Unlock all restrictions Full experience delivering iPhone 13 in the theme “iPhone 13 x True 5G Super Unlock Phenomenon”, magnificent with the latest technology, the fastest, all the most exclusive channels For TrueMove H customers only on October 8, including Super Stay TRUE, the first group of customers who owned the iPhone 13 before anyone else at 00.00.01, delivered directly to the door of the room with advanced drones, Super Drive TRUE, pick up the device by yourself, convenient, comfortable, safe according to the government’s measures At the city people’s courtyard, Ferris wheel, Super Ride TRUE, the rider’s army is ready to deliver. Guaranteed sensitivity and Super Walk TRUE. Choose to pick up the device at True Shop, 7-Eleven, Lotus, Makro, more than 870 branches nationwide. Convenient, easy, near home. All channels have expert staff to provide professional service.

In addition, it also unlocks all limitations with a Super Exclusive offer for TrueMove H customers who are fully satisfied with the 5G experience, faster than anyone else.

  • Super Promotion: Unlock all usage restrictions with the best promotions ever. Choose according to your lifestyle with many more privileges
    • Postpaid customers buy iPhone13 Pro, get a free iPhone 13 128GB in any color (valued at 29,900 baht) or get a discount of up to 18,000 baht when applying for a monthly package and paying in advance as specified. With 0% installment privileges for up to 60 months, customers moving to camps receive a maximum discount of 2,000 baht.
    • The ‘5G Ultra Max Speed ​​Plus for iPhone’ package offers special privileges to customers who purchase iPhone 13 with TrueMove H only, including:
      • get free benefits True Black level for 1 year when purchasing a device and applying for a monthly package of 1,999 or more (for existing TrueBlack customers, receive an additional 1,600 TruePoint)
      • Full football equipment in every match and full entertainment. Watch free True Premier League 2021/22 throughout the season through the TrueID app and watch movies, watch more than 2,000 series, through TrueID+ for free on the TrueID app when purchasing an iPhone 13 with Package 699 baht or more
      • Get the right to redeem accessories, discount up to 60%, such as adapters, cases and protective film for iPhone 13.
      • 0% installment for up to 60 months or get credit cash back up to 37% (only participating cards)
      • Pay installments up to 48 months via True Money without a credit card.
      • Easy Swap Bring your old device to buy a new one with True. The purchase price is up to 29,000 baht, plus receive an additional discount of 2,000 baht when redeeming a participating mobile phone model. (Only for customers who pre-book iPhone 13 with TrueMove H)

* Conditions are as specified by the company.

  • Super Pay-Plus: Unlock all spending restrictions You can choose to pay comfortably in a variety of ways.
  • Super Pick up: Unlock all travel restrictions with a variety of options to pick up the device convenient in all channels

TrueMove H customers can choose to receive the device in a variety of channels as follows:

  • Super Stay TRUE More advanced than anyone with drones. Serve iPhone 13 to the door of the lucky customer’s room. Experience the best atmosphere Ready to be the first group to unlock iPhone 13 before anyone else at 00.00.01
  • Super Drive TRUE Open the area for customers to drive thru to pick up the device at the city square, pole swing, just drive in to receive service, no need to get out of the car. Employees will come to provide services in an exclusive, comfortable, clean and safe manner according to the government’s measures.
  • Super Ride TRUE The rider’s army is ready to deliver the device to customers who bought it through True’s online channel. Guaranteed sensitivity Customers in Bangkok and surrounding provinces can wait to pick up the device on the same day. and delivered to the front of the house within the next day for customers in other provinces
  • Super Walk TRUE Convenient, easy, close to home, True customers can choose to pick up at True Shop nationwide or 7-Eleven, Lotus, Makro, more than 870 branches nationwide. Near where, choose to pick up there.

Unlock the power of intelligence that is superior, faster, faster with iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini on True 5G, the most complete network today at True Shop, True Store or inquire. More information at And see more details about the different iPhone 13 models at


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