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Original Title: Tribute to Teachers’ Day | China University of Science and Technology Award-winning video work “Bright Lantern Builds Dreams · Hanhai Stars”

Source: University of Science and Technology of China





To celebrate the 37th Teacher’s Day and present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Teacher Work Department and the Human Resources Department of the Party Committee of the University of Science and Technology of China launched a teacher promotional film “Lighting Dreams · Hanhai Stars”. The video was awarded the “New Era of the Ministry of Education 2021” “Teacher’s Demeanor Short Video” Winning Work.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day,

  Let us experience the demeanor of HKUST teachers together!


  “Bright Lights to Build Dreams · Hanhai Stars”

The master leads the way, illuminates the spark to pass on;

  Bright lights build dreams, condense the feelings of serving the country;

  Pursue excellence and cultivate talents in the world;

  All the lights converge, and eventually become the stars of Hanhai.


  HKUST Teachers in History


At the beginning of the school, the University of Science and Technology of China brought together a group of the most prestigious scientific masters in China. With a heart of innocence and aspirations to serve the country, they walked in the dark, struggling with difficulties in the unknown, and worked hard to realize the dream of the Republic standing in the East.




  Faculty of China University of Science and Technology



  Space Physics Teacher Party Branch (the first batch of “dual leaders” teacher branch secretary studio of the Ministry of Education)

“Educators receive education first, and those who establish morality first establish their own morality.”


  Professor Cheng Fuzhen (National Teaching Teacher)

“Teachers are a very sacred profession, and this is the noble responsibility given to us by the party, the country and the society.”


  Huang Songyun (Excellent Teacher in Anhui Province, Excellent Counselor of Colleges and Universities in Anhui Province)

“When you choose to be a teacher, you have to choose responsibility, and you must fulfill your responsibility of teaching and educating people and establishing morality.”


  Academician Chen Xianhui (Winner of the International Matthias Award in the field of superconducting materials and the first prize of the National Natural Science Award)

“There are three main aspects to doing scientific research and innovation: first, interest, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge; second, long-term accumulation and hard work; third, grasp the research direction and research goals.”


  Professor Wei Haiming (advanced individual in the nation’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic)

“The purpose of scientific research is discovery and creation.”


  Bao Xinhe (President of the University of Science and Technology of China)

  “Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. As scientific researchers, we must always focus on the core task of concentrating on building up people with great concentration and persevering in research and innovation, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists.”


  Shu Gequn (Secretary of the Party Committee of China University of Science and Technology)

“At HKUST, we regard the establishment of morality as the fundamental task of education, and always keep in mind the school motto of’promoting red and professionalism, blending theory and practice’ and the original aspiration and mission of’serving the country through science and education and pursuing excellence’.”


  Message from the General Secretary



“It is the glory of a school to have good teachers in a school, and it is the hope of the nation that batches of good teachers are constantly emerging from a nation.”



Under the call of the times

The group of people from the University of Science and Technology of China looking up at the stars

Will continue to bow down and work hard

Shine a party of Hanhai stars!



  Teacher Work Department and Human Resources Department of the Party Committee of University of Science and Technology of China

General Director: Jiang Yi

Chief Planner: Zeng Jie

Producer: Xue Tian, ​​Zhu Jiping

Producer: Ding Qifan

Coordinator: Ding Qifan, Wang Mengying, Guo Rui

Editor of this issue: Zhu Ziyue


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