Tri Mumpuni, The Most Influential Indonesian Muslim Scientist in the World

JAKARTA, – Tri Mumpuni is listed as Muslim scientist Indonesia has succeeded in changing the world. He is included in the 22 Most Influential Muslim Scientists in the list of The 500 Most Influential Muslims published by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.

Even so, maybe not everyone knows the figure of Tri Mumpuni. For those who don’t know the figure of Tri Mumpuni, don’t worry, there is some information that you can read.

Tri Mumpuni Wiyatno was born in Semarang, August 6, 1964. He succeeded in building the first Micro-Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in the hamlets of Palanggaran and Cicemet, Sukabumi, West Java.

He develops community independence in remote areas through PLTMH. All of this was achieved thanks to the Institute for People’s Business and Economics (IBEKA) where Puni, as he is affectionately known, works.

Editor: Dini Listiyani


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