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Shakira does not need anyone to be perfect and here are the tests

The great stars of international music usually work with a large professional team that helps them in different facets of day-to-day life. In addition to the bureaucratic level, in the area of ​​image, due to the commercial factor that they project, there are usually many stylists who take care of the look of singers and music people. Make-up personnel, hairdressers or fashion consultants are just some of the indispensable roles in artistic teams, not only on tours and performances, but also for public appearances such as interviews or collaborations in the media. In fact, there are artists who have the same professionals throughout their careers. However, that does not mean that they do not know how to take care of their image by themselves. A clear example is that of Shakira, who has shown in a video on her social networks how she makes up in depth while a hairdresser prepares her hair before an interview on a television network. In another he shows how a reddish dye that had just been applied that same day, while the iron was being done, has remained. Both her hair and makeup present a more than showy result, and if she didn’t know it from the images, surely no one could say that they were the result of Shakira’s own work. “The queen of makeup herself,” said one of the comments with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram in the publication in which it is seen how the foundation is applied or the eye line is made. On whether it is something specific that the Colombian singer carried out or is a more common practice than you might think, Alejandro Sanz cleared up the doubts by commenting on the following: “I attest.”

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