Traveling exhibition OPEN on depression gives a face to the mental vulnerability of young people

Wageningen – On Monday 28 November, alderman Guido van Vulpen will open the exhibition OPEN. He does this on the Markt in Wageningen at 3 p.m. The exhibition consists of 30 portraits of young people (18-35 years old). They deal with depression in their lives and talk about it openly. The exhibition aims to make mental vulnerability a subject of discussion.

The exhibition can be seen from Monday 28 November to Tuesday 27 December at the Markt in Wageningen.

Make negotiable

Many young people and young adults have mental problems. Talking about mental problems is often difficult. For the person with problems but also for bystanders. Guido van Vulpen, alderman for Health and Youth: ‘Talking about depression or what goes on in your head is not easy. Having an open conversation and offering a listening ear is perhaps the most important thing you can do. By placing the portraits in a central location in the city, we make mental health a subject of discussion.’

The story behind the exhibition

The exhibition is a project of Open Mind. This organization brings difficult social issues to the attention of the public. Mirjam Bekker-Stoop (from the Open Mind foundation) and Linelle Deunk (photographer) saw how their daughters struggled with depression, but also how they learned to deal with it. They traveled all over the Netherlands together. They portrayed a group of young people and recorded their personal stories. It became one special journey. Sensitive but above all surprisingly strong young people tell us how they experience their depression. And what their environment can mean. The portraits and stories come together in a traveling exhibition, a photo newspaper and a podcast.


During the period that the exhibition is on view, activities are organized by various organizations. Attention is paid to mental frailty in young people. The activities are for young people, students, parents and others involved. Look for the program of the opening and the activities


The exhibition and the activities in the city have come about through cooperation between various social organizations. The following organizations are involved: WUR and Spectrum SPC, the youth work and neighborhood social work of Solidez Welzijn, Thuis Wageningen, Pro Persona, Youth Council Wageningen, the Startpunt and the municipality of Wageningen.


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