Trash in the Rada. Tishchenko attacked Leros and prayed

People’s Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko attacked and began to drag his colleague Geo Leros around the hall at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada.

It was always fun in the Verkhovna Rada, and getting into the parliament of the restaurateur – bodybuilder Nikolai Tishchenko became even more fun. This time, the People’s Deputy, known for his violations of quarantine, was marked by a scuffle with a former colleague in the Servant of the People faction Geo Leros. Moreover, everything was not over in the parliament building; Tishchenko also went to church.

Struggle for the podium

On Thursday, September 9, Leros spoke from the rostrum of parliament regarding the failed operation of the Ukrainian special services to detain the “Wagnerites”. He said that Ukrainians are interested in knowing “which of this couple – Mr. Zelensky or his secretary Yermak – leaked this special operation.”

At that moment, Tishchenko jumped up to the people’s deputy, pulled out the microphone and began to forcefully pull Leros away from the podium.

“It’s good that there are people like Mr. Tishchenko …” – Leros managed to react, but could not continue. A crush began between the people’s deputies. Subsequently, other deputies gathered around them, trying to pull their colleagues apart, and the speaker Dmitry Razumkov announced a break for 15 minutes.

After the fight, they wave their fists

Chairman of the parliamentary faction Servant of the People David Arakhamia said that he plans to vote for the temporary removal of People’s Deputies Tishchenko and Leros from participation in plenary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada.

“One hundred percent: I propose this, I will definitely vote and campaign … Two sides are always to blame for a conflict, so it seems to me that we need to” remove “both, so that they think a little. If they repeat, we will” remove “a second time . This is the most severe punishment in relation to MPs, which is in the regulations, “- said Arahamia.

When asked if the information that the Servant of the People faction intends to prohibit criticism of the president from the rostrum of parliament is true, Arahamia replied: “No, of course. value”.

Tishchenko says that he is ready to bear responsibility for the fight with Leros, who, in turn, does not see insults against the president in his words.

“The fact is that there are a lot of emotions and different energies in parliament, let’s say. Therefore, when he (Leros) was told from the spot:” Please, on the topic, “he did not feel any responsibility to society at all. He continued to insult, swear, swear, say dirty things, and precisely to the address of the guarantor of our Constitution, “Tishchenko said.

According to the People’s Deputy, the Servant of the People faction expressed its point of view regarding this situation and believes that Leros should lay down his mandate for his actions.

At the same time, commenting on the statement of the head of the faction David Arakhamia about the need to temporarily suspend them and Leros from participating in meetings, Tishchenko stressed that he was ready to bear responsibility for his behavior in parliament, but “certain actions should be applied to everyone who was at that time at the podium “.

He also noted that representatives of the mono-majority turned to the regulatory committee in order to obtain clarifications regarding the actions and statements of Leros.

In his telegram channel, Tishchenko said that “the parliamentary tribune is not a place for slander and spreading fakes”, and also that “no one will allow anyone to offend our president and his brothers-in-arms in parliament.”

Leros himself believes that his words did not contain insults to the president. In addition, he said that he did not consider it necessary to attach value to the words of Arahamia, since he also spoke off the topic of the issue under consideration. At the same time, Leros emphasized that he was “ready for absolutely all actions” in case the regulatory committee makes an appropriate decision.

And here is the church

The day after the incident, Tishchenko announced that he was praying for the health of Leros.

Facebook Tishchenko

“I prayed for the health of Geo Leros. May the Lord help him to get off the wrong path and find the true path,” Tishchenko said and published his photo with a candle near the icons.

Leros called such actions of the people’s deputy blasphemy and added that Tishchenko should pray for those “whom he killed and maimed.”


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