Transport on discounts on the AP-9: “the reasonable thing is to get them in summer” | Radio Galicia

The Ministry of Transport trusts in power apply the reduction in the tolls of the AP-9 in summer. The central government plans to do The return trip is free, with some additional discount for users who use the highway the most. In addition, they will have a discount premium. It has been advanced in the SER by the Secretary General for Infrastructure, Sergio Vázquez.

Vázquez asks for time to finalize the details of a “historic” agreement that is still being negotiated with Audasa.. He believes that you have to do things well; “Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry,” he said. The intention of the executive, he added, is “to reach an important agreement that consolidates not only the bonus for this year, but also for 2048.” In order to benefit from the discounts, as is the case on the rest of the Spanish motorways, it will be necessary to have the electronic toll device installed in the car.

As for the deadlines of the AVE, it will come into operation this year, at least, that is the objective. The Secretary of State for Infrastructure denies that it was blocked and avoids giving a specific date because he understands that “it would be daring, there are always elements of uncertainty.”

It recognizes that the connectivity with Ferrol can be greatly improved, and advances that the highway between Santiago and Lugo will suffer a new delay due to problems with assets in the section between Melide and Arzúa.

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Regarding the last meeting held with the president of the Xunta, he assures that there were no blocked questions, but that it was a meeting to report “what was there and what is being done.”

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