Transparency International 2021: Chile is the second least corrupt country in Latin America and number 27 worldwide

This Tuesday, International Transparency released the results of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) corresponding to 2021, a report that reveals the stagnant situation in which Chile remains.

During the last years, from 2017 to 2021, the country has obtained the same score: 67 from 100 maximum. One more than in 2016 (66) and six less than in 2015 (73).

With this result, currently Chile remains in position number 27 worldwide Y 20th among the 37 member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), that is to say, in the second half of the worst evaluated within the bloc in which Denmark is positioned first (88) and Mexico last (31).

At the Latin American level, the country continues in second place in the ranking which leads Uruguay with 73 points and which positions Honduras (23), Nicaragua (20) and Venezuela (14) as the nations with the highest corruption index.

At the continental level, Canada (74) ranks first, followed by Uruguay, Chile in third place, United States (67), Costa Rica (58), Suriname (29), Guyana (39), Colombia (39), Argentina (38), Brazil (38), Ecuador (36), Peru (36), Panama ( 36), El Salvador (34), Mexico (31), Bolivia (30), Paraguay (30), Guatemala (25), Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In the opinion of susana sierra, president of Transparent Chili -organization that presented the report in the country-, these results mark a worrying signal, since, despite the regulatory proposals that have been promoted, corrupt actions prevent progress.

“We need to restore and strengthen the resources, independence and powers of the control bodies, closing the spaces for acts of corruption,” said Sierra, who also added that this is not only focused on the public area, but also extends to the private sector.

The region with the lowest rate of perception of corruption is Western Europe, with 66. The country that leads the ranking there is Denmark (88) -which is also positioned as the best among the OECD countries-, and the one that maintains the least favorable result is Bulgaria (42).

Then it is located Pacific Asia with 45 points out of 100. New Zealand (88) is the country with the best index in the region, unlike North Korea and Afghanistan, both with 16 points.

The third region of the ranking is America (43), followed by the 39 points of Middle East and the north africa. In these regions, the United Arab Emirates maintains an index of 69 versus Syria, a country that reaches 13 points.

Lastly, it is located Eastern Europe Y Central Asia, both with 36 out of 100, and sub-saharan africa, with 33 points.

Image: Transparency International.

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