Transition to iOS 15 is slower than iOS 14, ‘Apple stops with iOS 14 updates’ – Tablets and phones – News

Four months after release, Apple’s iOS 15 is on 72 percent of all iPhones four years or younger, putting the installation of this operating system behind that of iOS 14. This older operating system also seems to no longer receive new security updates.

Of all iPhone devices introduced in the last four years, 72 percent are running iOS 15, writes Apple four months after the release of this operating system. More than a quarter of the phones work with iOS 14, two percent still run on older operating systems. Of all iPhones, 63 percent have iOS 15 as their operating system.

Both numbers are behind what iOS 14 achieved in a shorter time. Like this Apple calculated in December 2020 that the operating system was then on 81 percent of all devices four years and older. At that time, 72 percent of all devices were running iOS 14. The installation of iPadOS 15 also lags behind iPadOS 14.

The fact that iOS 15 installs less quickly than iOS 14 was somewhat to be expected. Apple continued to release security updates for iOS 14, which users could install instead of iOS 15. However, MacRumors notes that Apple no longer offers that choice as standard. Since iOS 15.2, users can only install that update. For example, phones running 14.8 and wanting to update can no longer download the security update 14.8.1, but only upgrade to iOS 15.2. Apple didn’t say why it stopped doing this, and the iOS 15.2.1 update didn’t return this feature. Tweakers previously wrote a preview over iOS 15, which includes changed notifications and a new Focus mode.

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