Trajectory – Resistance |

Trajectory – Resistance |

As a former hobby refacer, I can’t say much about it, but it’s not just that
the trajectory determines the response and playing behavior and sound of the mouthpiece.
In the first picture you can clearly see that the “enema” means the first
10 mm from the tip of the mouthpiece, the mouthpieces are shaped very differently

The left (Gottsu) has a gentle roll over baffle while this area on the right
(Drake) is significantly flatter. The Gottsu’s gentle rollover baffle is more awkward.

But other parameters also have an effect on playing behavior and sound, for example whether the trajectory curve
is radial or follows an exponential function, or how long the orbit is.

Or the transition into the (probably round with both mouthpieces) chamber, the
Scooping of the side walls, the effective chamber volume etc…

Highly complex stuff that I don’t fully understand either.

Then there are the anatomical differences between the players. Over – or underbite (at which point
the track is where the lip pressure comes in) how strong is the lip pressure etc. etc….

Documentation on this is very thin on the ground. Most refacers guard their secrets like theirs


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